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At Cloud Peak Veterinary Services, we want to be your partner in ensuring your animals maintain their best health, while empowering you with the knowledge and ability to make that happen!  Below, you will find general information about a variety of common topics and issues. Just remember: we are always here to discuss your pet’s needs in our Worland, WY clinic.  Please don’t hesitate to call us.

Wellness and Prevention

Our compassionate and experienced veterinarians and staff strongly believe in the power of prevention – taking proactive steps to ensure your animals’ optimal health.  That’s why we recommend bringing your pet in for annual physical exams.

We also offer spay and neutering services, which will assists in:

  • Helping to prevent dog and cat overpopulation
  • Eliminating messy heat cycles for female pets and embarrassing behavior in male pets (you know what we mean)
  • Preventing diseases such as testicular and mammary cancers, as well as infections of the prostate and uterus

We welcome your questions about these procedures.  Please contact us to discuss more about your pet’s health.


There are times when no matter how proactive and diligent you are about the care you give your animal, they still get sick.  From tooth infections to life-saving surgeries, and everything in between, Cloud Peak Veterinary Services offers the treatment your pet will need to recover.  We utilize modern diagnostic equipment to assist our doctors and staff in discovering the source of your animal’s illness or injury.  We also offer alternative therapies, including laser therapy and acupuncture.

Other Services

If you have a pet emergency, call us immediately at 307-347-2781!

Large Animal Care

Large farm animals play a crucial role in meeting nutritional food requirements for the human population, and are often an essential source of income for ranchers and farmers.  We are dedicated to help you keep your herds healthy and well cared for.  Below are some of the services we offer:

Cattle Care

Horse Care

Ruminant Animal Care

At Cloud Peak Veterinary Services, we recognize the importance of providing quality care for ruminant animals. Wellness care is the bedrock for these animals, and includes comprehensive wellness exams, routine vaccinations, illness diagnosis and dental exams.

Included in the ruminant animal category are sheep, goats, llamas and bison. These animals have a unique digestive system, with a four-compartment stomach. The rumen is the largest of these, and is the main digestive center. Ruminant animals do not completely chew the grass or vegetation they eat before they swallow. This partially chewed food is stored in the rumen, where it is broken down into balls of “cud.” The “cud” is then regurgitated into the animal’s mouth, where it is chewed and swallowed again.

Illness and Injury

If your animal exhibits any of the following signs, contact us immediately:

Lack of appetite
Lethargy or inactivity
Signs of pain (crying out or withdrawing from touch)
Limping or walking in circles
Has consumed toxic plants, such as rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurel, chokecherry
Has consumed the wrong grain feed or an excessive amount of feed

Once you arrive, we will perform a physical exam, including checking the animal’s heart rate and organ system function. We may order blood work and fecal analysis as well, and if necessary, an ultrasound or x-ray.


An integral part of preventing disease in your sheep, goats, llamas, etc. is to have them vaccinated. There are two core vaccines we always recommend:
CDT (Clostridium Perfringens Types C & D – Tetanus Toxoid)
Other vaccinations can be customized to individual farms, based on necessity.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to quality care and compassionate treatment of all animals to enhance their health, productivity, and well being.

Contact us today to join the family!

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In case of emergency, call us immediately.  We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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