Dog Rabies 101: Making Sure Your Pup Is Safe

Rabies is a serious and fatal disease. But, the good news is that it is entirely preventable! Because your pet is more likely to contract it than you, the following article is largely about how it can be spotted, treated, and prevented in domestic canines.  If you need any immediate help with your animal, please […]

Too Hot to Handle: Heatstroke in Dogs

Heatstroke in dogs is very common, especially during this time of year. We’re going to go through the basics of heatstroke, how you can prevent it, and how to temporarily treat it. If you’re looking at this blog for immediate help, please contact us right away and we will help you immediately! The Basics First, […]

Lyme Disease: The More You Know, The Better

Lyme Disease is another illness all animal owners should be aware of. Let’s discuss who is the most at risk for getting it and why you need to be aware of Lyme Disease. You can also visit our website to learn more about disease prevention. Domestic animals that are at most risk in getting Lyme […]

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Or Infecting It With Heartworm For That Matter

If you’re a dog, cat or ferret owner, heartworm should be a concern for you. Heartworm is a serious disease that all starts with one little bug: mosquitos. These tiny blood suckers are how a parasitic worm named Dirofilaria immitis enters your pet’s system. This parasitic worm can cause an array of issues ranging from […]

Pet Cancer: What to Know

Unfortunately, cancer in pets is just as common as it is in people. In fact, one in four dogs will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. One in five cats will be affected. While many other pet species can get cancer, dogs and cats are more likely to get it than […]

Prevention of the Venomous Bite

Spring is here, allowing for lots of outdoor roaming time for both livestock and pets! As the weather warms, our beloved animals aren’t the only ones enjoying more consistent sunshine – rattlesnakes and other slithering species can be found amongst the rocks and grasses too. A rattlesnake bite can be fatal, as the venom injected […]

Beware of Calf Scours: How to Keep Your Herd Healthy

It’s calving season and we know how important your calves are to your herd! Maintaining their health is essential for herd wellness. There are extra precautions you can take to prevent any major health deficits among your herd. Please visit our website for the services we provide to assist you the best we can. One […]

Why Your Pet’s Dental Health Matters to Us

At Cloud Peak Veterinary Services, we care about the complete health of your pet, including their teeth and gums. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, the perfect time to show those teeth and gums a little extra love. You may be thinking that your pet’s gums and teeth are perfectly healthy, and you could […]