Don’t Let Pet Dander Get You Down!

What to Know About Allergies to Pets If you’re a parent, you’ve more than likely had pleading children explain how responsible they would become, if only you would get them a dog, a cat, or a different furry friend. Maybe you give in, and adopt a cat from a shelter. You take him home only […]

Doggone It! Treating and Preventing Dog Bites

No matter how well-trained your pup is, they still have the capacity to be an unpredictable animal. None of this is said to scare you, more so to bring awareness to an entirely preventable situation. While April is Dog Bite Awareness Month, we at Cloud Peak Vet think it is crucial for any dog owner […]

Beware of Rodenticides’ Toxic Effects in Pets

If you have a rodent problem, your first thought is going to be to call up the exterminator and set up traps with rat poison to attack the problem head-on. But, do you have small animals in the house that will see these traps and think the poisonous surprise is for them? Before you take […]

How to Keep Your Pet’s Smile Bright and Healthy!

How frequently do you brush your teeth? How often do you go to the dentist? It’s most likely just a part of your regular routine at this point, because your dentist has made sure you know how important your teeth are in regards to your health. When your teeth or gums hurt, you notice, and […]

Pour Some Insulin On Me: Pet Diabetes and What You Can Do to Help

Diabetes is more commonly known in humans, but pets are also at risk for the disease. There are plenty of pets that are being treated for it currently and we at Cloud Peak want to make sure that your furry pal gets the best diagnosis for its ailments and that we can help in any […]

Dog Rabies 101: Making Sure Your Pup Is Safe

Rabies is a serious and fatal disease, and we are sure that as soon as you became a caretaker of your animals, you were told to be aware of the rabies virus. Although grim, the good news is that this disease is entirely preventable! Because your pet is more likely to contract it than you, […]

Too Hot to Handle: Heatstroke in Dogs

July is just around the corner, which means that you’ll be cooling off any and every way you know how! The heat is uncomfortable, but by sweating, you can cool down and regulate your body temperature to a much more comfortable number. But you’ll notice that your dog doesn’t sweat. They may pant and find […]

Lyme Disease: The More You Know, The Better

Protecting your pet is a large undertaking. In order to keep them safe, it’s important to know what you are protecting them against. One of the threats to your pet’s health is Lyme Disease.  We recommend that you talk to a trusted vet about your concerns so they can walk you through some options to […]

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Or Infecting It With Heartworm For That Matter

If your family unit includes mammals like dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, or humans, you should be wary of heartworm disease. Heartworm is a very serious disease that starts with one little, annoying bug: the mosquito. These tiny blood suckers are how a parasitic worm named Dirofilaria immitis enters the mammal’s bloodstream and lays eggs that […]

Cancer in Pets: What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, cancer in pets is just as common as it is in people. In fact, one in four dogs will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime, while one in five cats will be affected. While many other pet species can get cancer, dogs and cats are more likely to get it […]